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WALTER - TIG/GTAW and MMA/SMAW/stick Welders:

Our argon welders are designed using the latest SMPS inverter technologies (100kHz switch mode inverter, PFC 5kW) and manufactured using the best quality discrete and switching components, which achieves high quality weld in TIG / DC GTAW (welding constructive and stainless steels, copper, titanium), TIG/ AC GTAW (welding of aluminum, magnesium and their alloys), and MMA/SMAW/stick welding (all types of welding electrodes rutile, basic, cellulosic). Details >

NEW: Distributors and Stores


We have sold more than 200 units of TIG AC/DC welders in Serbian, Montenegrin, Bosnian and Croatian markets. We give here a shorted reference list:
Weld-Ing Ltd., Beograd
EuroGas Ltd., Subotica
Grapps A.D, Smederevo
Soliton O.D, Arilje
Peković - Progress I.K.A. Ltd., Beograd
Pamir Ltd., Pančevo
Prva Srpska Livnica Zvona i Specijalnih Legura - Jevrem Popović, Beograd
STR Var-S, Subotica
Bratam Trade, Beograd
Autoservis "Dojčinović", Beograd - Vrčin
Jeremić Ltd., Užice
Univerzal SZBLR, Mrčkovac
ABC Company Ltd., Beograd
Auto-limar "Milačić", Podgorica
Limex ZLR, Ulović - Brčko
Beos Ltd., Zemun
Aqua Crystal Ltd., Beograd
Metal Dizajn, Kragujevac
Prografix Ltd., Beograd
Bravarski Radovi "Solar", Kikinda
BanInox, Novi Banovci
Delux Metalna Vrata, Beograd
Alu Stolarija "Galeb" Velika Plana
Liv-Inox, Dobanovci
Antikor A.D., Beograd
ZR Elektro Tehnika Aleksić, Mačvanska Mitrovica
Algar Ltd., Zemun
MED-I-PRO Ltd., Ada
Ste-Mark SZR, Beograd
Pop-Inox, Goražde
Akvamark Ltd., Beograd
Denver GP Ltd., Subotica
Obrt Ltd., Trstenik-Grabovac
Miša-Term, Kovačica
AMI Monter Ltd., Kruševac


  • All old and many new features of the welder:
  • Synergic setting: Automatic setting of welding parameters of DC, AC / DC or MMA process, simply by pressing the "magic wand" button. Important aid for begginer welders and accelerates the work of professionals.
  • • Simplified welding program save and load.
  • • Display of welding woltage for easier weld monitoring.
  • All features of the new generation of software are now enabled for::
  • Walter 200 AC/DC MIX
  • Walter 220 AC/DC MIX
  • Walter 250 AC/DC MIX

aparat za zavarivanje walter 200 ac/dc

NEW: Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Hoping to answer your most frequently asked questions, we offere the page FAQ. The contents of this page will be expanded each week, in line with your interest. Questions are usually related to technology inverter power sources in welding, problems and solutions in welding, estimates of the cost, etc. See page FAQ ...

Aluminum Welding

Stainless Steel Welding

Walter 200 AC/DC TIG:

  • Walter TIG 200 AC/DC TIG is our best-selling device. Miles of aluminum constructions, which were welded with themare the best evidence of quality. This device also showed excellent results in repair of aluminum, especially in the auto industry, car climate, cooling, wheels ...

aparat za zavarivanje walter 200 ac/dc

Walter 250 AC/DC TIG

  • Aparat Walter 250 AC/DC TIG is our most technologically advanced, most complicated and the best device we manufacture. It is the result of more than six years of research and development, and more than three years of proving, upgrading and testing on the most demanding possible market: the Serbian market the device for welding aluminum and stainless. Welding Ltd. is proud to announce that we are this year's recipient of special recognition, "Step into the future " at the 53rd Belgrade international fair of technology and technical accomplishments for WALTER 250 AC/DC industrial welder in the cathegory of electrical engineering and industrial electronics.

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See current price list full of Walter welding machines.Welder pricing

Services :

WALTER ATOM - portable stick welder

On sale since the beginning of 2009. See for yourself> the power of Atom!

From January 2010.-you can buy the newest, most powerful Atom - 220-ampere portable device for MMA - SMAW - stick welding.

Walter Atom Series - for professional using all types of fluxed core electrodes: basic, cellulosic and rutile.

walter atom


Contents of this page is intended for nurturing your already established trust in our products as well as better understanding the functioning of inverter technology in welding See more...

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